About the Artist


In my earliest youth, I welcomed art into my life and continue to dedicate myself to my craft. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1995. I live in Dudley, Georgia with my wife Laura, daughter Camille and son Anderson. My art was first recognized in 1998 when the Georgia Citizens of the Arts presented me with the prestigious, “Georgia Artist of the Year Award.” The painting Tranquil Bliss at Chappell’s Mill, a beautiful legendary site in Laurens County, Georgia  showcased in the Governor’s mansion as a result. Since 1998, Georgia’s art communities have rewarded me with numerous awards and accolades. I was commissioned by a group of local sponsors to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the tragedy our country experienced on September 11th, 2001. The painting “Pride of America” was dedicated to the lives lost and America’s unending spirit to preserve, it currently is displayed at Middle Georgia College in Dublin, Georgia.   

     My painitng studio is in Dudley, GA where I work on many paintings with the rural life theme. The rural central Georgia area that I am from abounds with farm scenes and many different types of wildlife. I established the concept ‘Rural Life Paintings” to describe my art. This descriptor has helped me coordinate the subjects that I paint around a consistent theme that I have been familiar with since childhood. This rural farm theme was used in the painting title Early Years of Agriculture and was featured on the cover of the Georgia Farm Bureau cookbook titled A Legacy of Georgia Cooking in 2010. 

    I use the oil painting medium to create paintings. This medium helps me create vibrant values, volumous textures and soft shadows. I primarily paint on linen canvas with a medium to smooth texture. This relatively smooth surface is perfect for creating smooth gradations of color in receding skylines and water. Texture is a critical element in my art. Using different brush strokes is essential to create lush foliage, clouds, tree bark etc.

     Oil paint can be applied to achieve many different affects. The technique I use can be traced back many centuries. This technique or process is called glazing. Glazing requires the application of many transparent layers of paint. I overlay transparent colors to create a vibrancy and glow in each painting. This glazing technique is the inspiration that assist me to establish mood and atmosphere in each work of art.