Fly Fishing Shoulderbone Creek

$ 69.00

Fly Fishing Shoulderbone Creek recently completed August 2008 is the first in a series of historical landmark paintings that I have an appreciation for historic places and thought it would be interesting to paint these landmarks as they exist today so that future generations will have the opportunity see these beautiful places as we are priviledged to see today. I was interested in painting a grist mill to begin the series of paintings, therefore I traveled just outside of Sparta, GA to visit the beautiful Millmore Mill just off of SR 16 in Hancock County, Georgia. The history of this landmark is described on a sign on the Sholderbone Creek Bridge that identifies the area as being the site of the signing of the peace treaty between Georgia and the Creek Indian Nation in 1786. The mill presents itself among the silvery and rustic reflections of Shoulderbone Creek as a fly fisherman enjoys the solitude of the cascading waterfall.

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